13th Century

In the 13th century, Mongolia was united by a single man who is known as Chinggis Khan, and controlled the vast area of Asia and Europe under one roof. Chinggis Khan also brought new rule of law, cultural society, and new business trade ways to the people of Mongolia and connected trade routes to Europe from Asia. Even today, the people of Mongolia understand and feel that important connections with him, that we ruled the world. It is found to be in our blood and mind that his contribution to our society lives on.

Although we have seen the life and read about the history of Chinggis Khan and in terms of how people lived and the nomadic cultures in the cinema’s around the world or on various books, it is very tough to actually live in that moment of time or tough to imagine ourselves living in that time. One of the fundamental reasons of our construction of the Chinggis Khan’s 13th century complex is that it creates a great opportunity for tourists to relive the 13th century lifestyles and cultural impacts of Mongolia and it will contribute to our dynamic understanding of the history.

“13th century complex” is located 96 km far from the Ulaanbaatar city in Erdene soum, Tuv province and which covers an area of 88 hectares surrounding Yol mountain.

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