Driving tips in Ulaanbaatar

If you ever have a situation to drive in Ulaanbaatar, here are some required information for you. 
1. Ulaanbaatar has around 600,000 cars and approximately 400,000 vehicles to get into the traffic per day. 
2. 1st lane is only for buses, lined buses, and the taxies. 
3. The personal vehicles are not allowed to participate in traffic for a day between 8am to 8pm in a week, it depends on vehicle’s plate number. For example: if it ends with 1 or 6 will be on Monday, 2 or 7 on Tuesday etc. 
4. Speed limit in the city – 60kmh or 37.2mph 
5. Drive on the right side 
6. Driver’s license required, starting from 18 years old (motorcycle is 16) 
7. If driver is carrying a baby in a car, kid’s seat belt or baby chair is required for children under 12.

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