Mongolian Language

Mongolian language is one of oldest languages in the world. During the great conquest Mongolian language was near to Lingua Franca. There are some hypothesis that, Altaic languages such as Mongolian, Turkish and Tunisian are not relative languages, but mutually reflected and interaction and Mongolian language is independent language. So, researches classifying Mongolian language into few sub-classes.

  1. Mongolian language for Mongols from Mongolian republic and Mongols from China’s Inner Mongolia.

2 – 3. Languages for Buriats and Kalmyk’s from Russia

4 – 8. Language for Uighurs, mongors and buukhans from China and mogols from Afghanistan.

It is wrong idea, where language substituted by dialects, in dependence from political and administration division. In the reality, only on Mongolian language. The Mongolian script has a great role in the formation and development of Mongolian language. This script had preserved a common literature language, because was formed for adequate service to all of dialects. Unfortunately, Russian Bolsheviks had attached to this common literary language. They had prohibited Kalmyk’s Buriats and Tuvas from 1927 to 1931 to use Mongolian language as a literary language. In 1944, Soviet Union had exported ultimatum like new script, based on krill script and Mongolian language. Development had oriented a wrong direction. During the <<Cultural Revolution>> inner Mongols had reaction by Chinese <<red defenders>> in language.

There are many precious historical, religion and literary creations was wrote with thousand year old Mongolian language and many of them preserved to our generation.

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