The Gobi Desert

The Gobi desert, one of the biggest desert in the world, covers a third of Mongolia’s territory. In difference to all the other desserts in the world it has mountain ranges, forests, lakes, swamps that are full of life.
Gobi has one of the most extreme climates, with very low humidity, air temperature reaching +50 degrees Celsius during the day and dropping to 0 degrees Celsius at nights. Annual precipitation reaching just 100 mm.
The tallest sand dunes of the Gobi desert is the Khongor Sand Dunes (Whistling Sands) in Umnugobi province. It covers an area of 92.5 It is a challenge to reach the top, but once you conquer it, you will be rewarded by a spectacular view of the surrounding oasis.#MongolianWonders #KhanTravelMongolia 

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