Mongol Nomadic Show & Khustai National Park



This tour offers you an insight into the real nomadic lifestyle including daily activities of Mongolian nomads, how they move from one place to another using ox carts also the use of the 5 main livestock. The second part of the tour will allow you to explore the Mongolian steppe, wild animals roaming freely in their protected natural habitat, the safe haven of Khustai National park located 95km west of Ulaanbaatar city.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONThe place where you stay
Personal vehicleLocal guide
Nomadic performance fee
Entrance fee to National Park
Bottles of water
Anything which is not included in the inclusion.
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Pick up from your hotel 8:30am and start our journey. We will reach the first destination and watch the Mongol Nomadic show that starts at 9:00am. This show introduces nomadic lifestyle starting from how nomads disassemble/assemble their gers, load on their ox, camel cart and move to places looking for better grazing grounds for livestock. The show lasts about two (2) hours. Have lunch after the show.

The second part of the tour brings you to Khustai National park, where you will see the once thought to be extinct Przewalski horses and other creatures living in the national park, go see the actual square tombs and human stone sights belonging to the Tugrik era.

[ Driving distance – 220 km,  Driving duration – 3.3 hours,  Meals – Lunch ]




NP became a protected area in 1993. This was due to the reintroduction of Takhi or Przewalski’s horses project into Khustain Mountain range. Besides being home for the Przewalski’s horses the park is also home to 459 species of vascular plants, 85 species of lichens, 90 species of moss and 33 species of mushrooms. Moreover 44 species of mammals including Red deer, Mongolian gazelle, Roe deer, Wild boar, Wild sheep, Ibex, Mongolian marmots, Grey wolves, Lynx, Pallas’ cat, Red fox, Corsac fox and Eurasian badger live in this park.


Singing a long throat song with Morin Khuur.

Urtiin duu or the Long song is one of the two main forms of Mongolian songs. Urtiin duu is believed to have originated more than 2’000 years ago and preserved until today. The song is sang at important celebrations and events. As it has distinct and honored role in Mongolian society and art, it has been inscribed on the list of the Intangible cultural heritage of humanity of the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization in 2005.

Herders and guests are playing ankle-bone shooting.

The ankle bone shooting has originated thousands of years ago, however only since 2001 it became the 4th official game of Naadam festival that is held during July 11th -14th . The game is played using targets that are made from sheep or goat ankle bones, bullets that are made from an animal bone.  Ankle bone shooting is a team sport where each player gets 4 shots from a distance of 4.72cm, and the first team to score 15points becomes the winner.

Home brewed spirit.

People make vodkas out of many things, but only in Mongolia you will be able to try vodka made of distilled milk, yes MILK. The beverage is made at home by boiling yoghurt and catching the evaporated liquid in a clean bowl. The home distilled vodkas percentage ranges from 8% up to 15%.

Making felt.

Yak and other livestock


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