You’re probably wondering or have these questions on your mind when you think of Mongolia #Part1


Q: Do Mongolians live in a tent?
A: Yes and No, nearly 30% of the population is nomadic, which means they still live in a Ger (tent) because it’s portable and easy to move from place to place.

Q: Do Mongolians use horses and camels to go to school and work.
A: Yes and No, in Ulaanbaatar (capital) city has 500k vehicles and 0 number of horses. Whereas, people who live far from the settlement use horses and camels as transportation.

Q: How do we survive winters, when the temperature reaches -40 degrees Celsius.
A: Just like summer, autumn and spring, life goes on! People go to work, children go to school….but everyone wears at least 4-5 layers of clothes to stay warm. #KhanTravelMongolia #Mongolianwinter#Mongolianstereotype

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